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In most US states, there is no legal obligation to tell prospective homebuyers that a property was constructed over hallowed ground. Your home, or the homes of your loved ones, could be built over an ancient burial ground!

A one-time purchase of a report can give you the peace of mind that the angry spirits of the past will not emerge suddenly beneath your feet, seeking their ghostly vengeance.

spooky house probably built over ancient burial grounds

99% of Americans can't say with absolute certainty that their home, apartment, or RV was not currently over an ancient (or modern!) burial ground. Don't you want to know all the facts about your home, or the homes of yourloved ones?

Every report includes all available information on:

  • Ancient Burial Grounds
  • Historical and Modern Cemeteries
  • Unhallowed or Unconsecrated burial plots
  • Powerful cultural artfacts
  • All past reports of skeleton army uprisings in your ZIP code